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“To me, bargain hunting is like a little

treasure hunt”


Born a bargain hunter, Yann Durand started wearing pre-owned clothes at the age of 12, by digging up old American Levi’s jeans, t-shirts and teddies from the 70’s that he found in vintage shops in Montpellier, France. When he arrived to Paris, 15 years ago, he quickly developed a sense of customer service with an extra “touch” with a very demanding clientele during his time as department head of “Su Misura” at E. Zegna. In 2012, he decided to pivot by opening the first RETRO CHIC boutique, at place Saint Sainte Catherine. His vintage adventure came full circle with the establishment of a Vintage living room entitled “Retro Market of Operkampf”


“That one rare piece is always a source of joy”


Through his network, Yann obtains a chic boyish 60’s-70’s inspired-Parisian silhouette inspired by the famous tailor, Yves Saint Laurent, that was photographed by Helmut Newton.


“I do prefer shop by appointments with clients because in addition to having the pleasure of meeting them, I take with me a little story or an anecdote that I then pass on to the future buyer of the item(s). This reminds me in particular of a small “alumni” network of clients from the Maison Saint Laurent, who always have such fond memories associated to such and such items that I bought and continue to buy from them”


In addition to his innate bargain-hunting eye, Yann complements himself with his multiple inspirations, such as a trip he took to the island of Ischia off of Naples, a Truffaut film or even the timeless line

of Porsche Targas.

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